toddler/kid proof speaker stands

What 20-inch high speaker stands are just about topple proof ? The speaker dimensions are 24" tall x 11" wide x 9.25" deep. Speakers are wider than they are deeper. We have a toddler. Is there a way the speaker/stand can be secured so it won't topple and without screwing the stands to the speakers ? Will the regular 2-post Skylans be enough ?
Take a look at the mapleshade website.
I used this very same problem as an excuse to upgrade to floorstanders..... and much better sound... just as well because my son managed to throw them over... which then prompted me to get Sound Anchor bases... and even better sound...
Don't think stands and monitors will work..... unless you screw the speakers to a very bottom heavy stand.
Good luck
You could always anchor them to the ceiling. I scared the hell out of my son when he first touched mine. He never did it again.
I don't think your toddler will be able to knock over the "rooted buttress" speaker stand that Mapleshade makes!
It's not knocking them over that is the worry. Toddlers use the stands to help them stand up.

Fill the stands with shot. Use spikes. Use something like clear silicone caulking to glue the speakers down. Silicone will peel off when you need to. The little anit-topple straps that come with all ikea stuff is great. You still will have to put a hole in the wall to anchor the strap from the stand to the wall.

Otherwise, buy klipsch cornwalls!
Please do a search here on Audiogon re: "shot" before using shot.
Take a look at Skylan stands.
The 4 large pillar Targets when massed will not tip over without great effort. They also have substantial sharp spikes. I use poster putty to secure my monitors. Whole thing works pretty well.
I use skylan now but when my kids were younger i used the sound anchors.