Toddler-Friendly Budget Speakers?

Looking ahead to our baby becoming a toddler, can anyone recommend a good pair of relatively cheap (by audiophile standards) toddler-friendly speakers? I guess the most important factor is something that won't tip over easily. Whether that means floorstanding or (bolted) standmount, I have no preference. I should add that we have a pretty small space, so huge speakers won't really work. The other factor is durability, specifically some solid set of durable and effective grilles to keep prying little fingers from the delicate driver units. I realize that's a rather difficult characteristic to find, which leads to the final factor: relatively low price. So that if they do see some damage, I can live with the loss in value. Definitely something around $1000 or under (well under preferable), used or new.
There is a thread that asks the question, "Does Polk make the best sounding cheap speakers"? Many seemed to concur. I think so. You might check the model numbers they recommended.
Insomniac99, Please forgive me if you already know this, but, there is a difference between in-wall and wall mount speakers.
Quad 21l2 is a great sounding, inexpensive (in context) and rock solid speaker that can be had for under $1k easily. Relatively easy to drive, great bass and a nice transparent and effortless sound.
Insomniac, I would also recommend the Usher CP-6311 as long as you're not worried about the finish getting messed up. The piano finish can show fingerprints. They are also tanks with a massive base that would be very difficult for a toddler to knock over. You can also fill the rear cavities on the enclosure with sand to make them even heavier. To top it all off, they sound excellent and can play low. No need for a sub with music. They loaded my room with too much low end actually and my wife wouldn't let me bring them any further out into the room.

I now have Gallo 3.1's which would also make a good toddler friendly speaker if you use the fabric cage/cover. They are small in height and all the weight is at the bottom of the speaker. The Gallo 3.0 come up used sometimes close to your budget.
I don't think a toddler could tip over a pair of Dunlavy V's, but surely that isn't what you had in mind! :-)

Happy listening.