Todays vinyl packaging observations

I have been buying nothing but new releases on vinyl the past year. If it's not released on vinyl I'm not buying it. There are a few releases I'm still waiting for the vinyl release, but fortunately most artist i enjoy are putting their new stuff out; at least in limited number's, on LP.

Flipping through my collection last night it struck me how much better the packaging is with the new releases when comparing them to my aged late 70 early 80's collection.

Most vinyl that i buy today is 180 or 200 gram pressings and the cover art and posters that are included are outstanding heavyweight prints. Where as my older stuff is very lightweight pressings with the sleeves and extras printed on what seems like lower quality paper.

Granted there is some stuff in my aged collection that is impressive art wise. Like most of my Jethro Tull or Alice Cooper records, but artist today seem to be constantly releasing LP packages of outstanding quality.

As for the actual sound of the music; which in the grand scheme of things is all that really matters anyway, i can't hear much difference... It's all good!

Any thoughts on why the change in quality and what it might do for the value of todays releases in the future?

the packaging should be great for what they charge, not to swipe at you but I just dont get a guy who loves music but will ignore the majority of new music simply because it comes on disc, not insulting you...just curious.
Why the change in quality? Easy- diff buyer, diff price class. LPs of yesteryear bought by kids for $2.79 or $3.49. Now its aging boomers (myself included) plunking down $30!!! and responding positively to packaging.
No inuslt taken. Like i said, all the artist i enjoy enough to buy thier music release it on LP. If it's not initaly released on vinyl it usually is a few months later.
I don't like buying music more than once and i don't mind waiting. It's not like i don't have other things to listen to.

As for the price of LP's... i think it's relevent to todays music prices. Most prices on my shrink wrap from my older records cost $7 to $10 compaired to an average of $25 for todays vinly i'm buying.

Relating the cost to live music, back in the late 70's and early 80's when i was paying $7 to $10 for LP's and looking at old prices on my ticket stubs that's what it used to cost to see a live show. Today i spend a average of $25 for new vinyl releases and about $30 on live music.

For me vinyl is one area the music industry has improved enough to justify the increase in cost.
I feel the same way about new music as Timewasajoke does. Eventually, about 90% of new music finds it's way to vinyl. For me it is worth the wait.
I understand prefering Vinyl and it is good that artists you enjoy release on vinyl, but you cant honestly believe that you are not missing out on perhaps hundreds of other artists that only release on CD.......If you are happy then that is fantastic but I still wonder how much you are missing (even if you dont think you are missing anything).
Name some artist that you enjoy that don't release vinyl. I can't think of anyone that suits my taste.

I'm into mostly independent labeled bands, but i also like most of the artist on the Lost Highway and Nonesuch as well as Merge labels and every artist on those rosters; as well as most indy artist, will have new vinyl releases.

The only release in the last year that i have wanted to buy that has not been available on vinyl is the new Autumn Defense recored, but when i met the band at the Dallas gig a few weeks ago I was told it would be released as soon as they sold enough cd's to afford production.

Maybe we just have different taste in music? But i don't think i'm missing out on anything.
It's all packaging: SACDs better vinyl almost every time. Still miss the large jacket though.
There are some artists that don't release on vinyl. That is a choice they or some record producer made. I will be purchasing a high end CD player so I can listen to those artists only. This will be about my twentieth player, or combo dac and transport. I will listen to CD's on it for a couple of months, then I will hate it. Then I will sell it.
Try can type in music artists and songs you like, they then play you songs they feel you will like based on your input, this will help anyone discover new music they may not have ever been aware of.
Even stuff on Kill Rock Stars isn't coming out on vinyl or if it is much later. I wanted the Marnie Stern album but it's only on cd now. I don't believe the last Built To Spill album came out on vinyl. I heard a rumour that the whole batch was defective and they've now scrapped plans to even release it since they've already started on their next album. One of my favorite ambient artists Pete Namlook hasn't released any vinyl in ages. Not all underground/indie stuff gets a vinyl pressing.
This is a tough one as I certainly struggle with this issue myself. I have been into vinyl for almost a year and think I have only bought a couple of CDs in that time because I enjoy LPs so much more. I have even duplicated many of my CDs with LPs but I do agree that in the end it is about the music and there is a lot of good stuff that can't be had on LP. CDs are a necessary evil.
The Quality in packaging is probably because at the price they are charging for 180 and 200 gram pressings they can afford to get a little upscale. Also remember most people buy the CD equal so they have too get people to buy Vinyl. I have always enjoyed vinyl album covers,it's like the difference of looking at something on the silver screen as opposed to t.v.
I used to buy 120 gram vinyl back in the day for 3.99 and if it was warped,scratched or skipped I returned it for a new one. I still have them too.
Now watch someone will come on and say they used to buy vinyl for 1.99 and ruin my whole stroll down memory lane.