Today in audio history, Nov. 29th...

In 1877, Thomas Edison demonstrated his invention, a hand-cranked phonograph that recorded sound on grooved metal cylinders. Edison shouted verses of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" into the machine, which played back his voice.

In 2001, George Harrison, lead guitarist and spiritual anchor of the Beatles, died of cancer. He was 58.
I thought Edison shouted"Can you hear me now?"I thought George played rhythm.I thought I passed History....
I read somewhere George's dying words were the Hare Krishna chant. George played lead AND rhythm I'm sure.. I'm pretty sure John played only rhythm and rarely lead.

George was always my favorite Beatle.
Other than the girl who lived next door to me when I grew up, I never knew anybody whose favourite Beatle was George. Now there's Xiekitchen too! I thought he was great, although I preferred John if I had to choose.