TO upgrade or NOT, that is the question!

I have an old Onkyo Tx-7000 90wpc. reciever that is 15 yrs. old. This was the top of the line model at that time. My question is would i get better sound quality from a newer integrated amp? I just listen to music cd's, no ht or surround. My system is Klipsch reference 3 mains (98db.) and M+K V125 sub. Listening area is 14x21 Cd player is Sony CDP-CX210 (kinda cheap but i like it). Speaker wire Monster 12 ga. time correct, Monster Interlink 400 interconnects. Here's the kicker, i only have $500 to $600 to spend. Please give me any suggestions that would be helpful. I'm just a novice looking for advice, Thanks Please list make and model #'s if you have integrated amp suggestions please

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I would first upgrade the interconnects. HCM audio has a lot of cables on their closeout list or you can make your own using pure silver wire. I purchased an Audio Magic digital cable from HCM, sounded good for a budget cable, I think their audio cables are the same (good bang for the buck). I had some Monster interlink 400's, had to replace them even in my bedroom system. I also replaced Monster speaker wire (M750, quite a few steps up from yours) with home made cable. Big improvement for not much money, see the RJM audio cable website or other DIY cable sites. These changes will give you a better idea of what your system really sounds like. You still may decide to upgrade but at least you would be making you decision from a better perspective. Good luck, Tim