TO upgrade or NOT, that is the question!

I have an old Onkyo Tx-7000 90wpc. reciever that is 15 yrs. old. This was the top of the line model at that time. My question is would i get better sound quality from a newer integrated amp? I just listen to music cd's, no ht or surround. My system is Klipsch reference 3 mains (98db.) and M+K V125 sub. Listening area is 14x21 Cd player is Sony CDP-CX210 (kinda cheap but i like it). Speaker wire Monster 12 ga. time correct, Monster Interlink 400 interconnects. Here's the kicker, i only have $500 to $600 to spend. Please give me any suggestions that would be helpful. I'm just a novice looking for advice, Thanks Please list make and model #'s if you have integrated amp suggestions please

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Sugarbrie, don't leave out Magnum Dynalab's receiver. Their receiver looks very impressive and I read a very favorable review on it.