TO upgrade or NOT, that is the question!

I have an old Onkyo Tx-7000 90wpc. reciever that is 15 yrs. old. This was the top of the line model at that time. My question is would i get better sound quality from a newer integrated amp? I just listen to music cd's, no ht or surround. My system is Klipsch reference 3 mains (98db.) and M+K V125 sub. Listening area is 14x21 Cd player is Sony CDP-CX210 (kinda cheap but i like it). Speaker wire Monster 12 ga. time correct, Monster Interlink 400 interconnects. Here's the kicker, i only have $500 to $600 to spend. Please give me any suggestions that would be helpful. I'm just a novice looking for advice, Thanks Please list make and model #'s if you have integrated amp suggestions please
I would first upgrade the interconnects. HCM audio has a lot of cables on their closeout list or you can make your own using pure silver wire. I purchased an Audio Magic digital cable from HCM, sounded good for a budget cable, I think their audio cables are the same (good bang for the buck). I had some Monster interlink 400's, had to replace them even in my bedroom system. I also replaced Monster speaker wire (M750, quite a few steps up from yours) with home made cable. Big improvement for not much money, see the RJM audio cable website or other DIY cable sites. These changes will give you a better idea of what your system really sounds like. You still may decide to upgrade but at least you would be making you decision from a better perspective. Good luck, Tim
If you just want a receiver and just listen to music definitely keep your old Onkyo Receiver. It was made for playing music and since yours was the top of the line no current receiver except for maybe the top NAD or Rotel 950 will beat it. New receivers are digital and made for home theater, not music. They are all computer chips etc. Your old receiver has capacitors and the older technology still used in audio power amps made today. I agree with the interconnect comment. Try Nordost Solar Wind or Van Den Hul PB5-HB or D102Mk111. If on a low budget try Straightwire Chorus. I am NOT a big fan of monster interconnects. Monster rip off. Also try a budget power conditioner. Monster Power is OK here. My recommendation is VansEvers Super Companion which lists for $150 but can be had for $129 on one of the VansEvers' web sites dealer links. If that is above your budget get a VansEvers Companion which sells for $25 to $30. It will improve the sound because it does nothing to the sound, where most cheap power strips ruin the sound. Skip the Adcom ACE515 it is over-rated.
PS: The best deal in a integrated amp is a used Cambridge Audio A3i. Comes with a great MM phono stage so you can play records too. Can be had for around $300 used. AudioAdvisor has a couple demos for sale. Also check the web site of Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle
Sugarbrie, don't leave out Magnum Dynalab's receiver. Their receiver looks very impressive and I read a very favorable review on it.
Your CD player is your real Problem.I had a cheap 10 year old player and was using at the time 20 year old Kenwood amp with Klipsch Hersey.I tried a CDP 1000 Parasound player.Wow you could not belive the improvment in sound.You can get a used one for about 200.00.As for cables.Stay away from Nordst,Vanden hul most of the big name cables are not worth the money.Go to follow the links to recomended components.Go to about the Coincident Speaker Technolgy CST 1.I will put this up against any cable at any price.Its 299.00 US.Thats a total of 500.00 you will spend and your system will sound brand new.
Check out audioadvisor they may have some new Parasound CDP 1000 for 249.00.Its a major steal.See the above site highend audio.go to recomended on cd.
i used to have k forte .i used nad reciver sound was pretty good.the 98 db will let you use almost anything my problem was to tame the fatigue of the horns .your best money would go for a new cd.the old one plus the horns would drive me crazy but that's a matter of taste.rotel makes great cd at good prices also adcom ,the gcd 700 changer is very good also nad has good cd players at your price range ,you can play with the cables latter.i would stay away from silver if you have hoens let your ears be the judge .good luck
I agree with Tm12: the best thing you can do is to change your CD-player, that is unless your receiver is beyond repair. Al the cables are there to get the best out of your kit, but (and I've got the same CD-player as you have, but for a secondary system) unfortunately there is not to much hifi in your CD-player......
Last time I checked had one or two demo Parasound CDP 1000's for 179.95. That would deffinatly be a cheap but good upgrade!
My advice would be to listen to other options. Find a dealer that will let you demo some stuff in your home, in the price range you are in, that should not be too hard. I have a 15 year old Akai top-of-the-line amp that is all Analog, which sounds better than any sub-$1000 amp I can find, I still use it. Most of the cheap 'recievers' are not that great cause they use all sorts of digital electronics, or are just built cheap. Niels.