To upgrade from Simaudio 600I to 740p/860a combo?

Again, I ponder whether I should take the plunge and upgrade from the current Simaudio 600i integrated amp (125watts in 8ohm) to the Simaudio 740p/860a separate combo (200watts in 8ohms). How much money would I be out, well about 16,000. First question, do I need it? Currently own Franco Serblin Ketema (4ohm) speakers which appears to like a little more power than the 600i can put out. Will the modest upgrade to 200watt separate combo be beneficial. Thoughts from those that have listened to both the 600i and the 740p/860a combo.
Since there is no responses, I will take there is no opinion..

Hi Harris4cma,

It may be that very few people have heard the FS Ketema. Neither have I but if you have found good synergy between it and the Simaudio integrated, your system will most likely sound better with separates. The advantages of separates that come with individual power supplies, chassis, isolation and higher quality parts will improve the sound as will the added watts. 16k is a lot of dough but the Ketemas deserve it. JMHO.
Thanks Jon, you are correct most people probably not heard the Ketemas. Thanks for the insight.