To upgrade from simaudio 3.3i to 600i or not?

Currently own the solid state simaudio moon 3.3i integrated amp for less than a year and now considering utilizing simaudio's upgrade program by purchasing the simaudio 600i. Why am I considering it? Just purchased a pair of Sonus faber Cremona Ms. I like the diversity the 3.3i has with the added options of the dac and phono, which I use. Just wonder paying double for the 600 is worth it at out of pocket price of 4500. This does not count if I choose to buy a separate Dac to replace the one that I am using with the 3.3i
I think so. To make the plunge to get seperates may not be worth the price. I may have buyers remorse following. May upgrade the simaudio dac to 300 and the 600i to 700i next year when I move back to the states from Italy. Wish the 600i had another balanced input for the dac.
I would have kept my i-7 as I thought it was stellar but my new speakers needed a little more power. That's the only reason I went to separates.


Another Simaudio upgrade. Just got the moon 320 power supply to mirror up with the 310lp. Amazing how much a seperate power supply can affect the sound. Also, i went with Transparent cableing. No, did not try many. Really, if i hear one I am content with than I go for it. Try to stay out of the gear shuffle. Which brings me close to the conclusion of my stereo upgrades. Upon returning to the states, i will ditching the project debut from here in Italy and upgrading to a new TT. What do people recommend for around $5000.00?
Congratulations on your upgrade!

I am using a Simaudio Moon Evolution 600i to power a pair of Totem Tribe III and I also have a pair of Focal Chorus 836W setup as well. Do anyone 600i owners know how I connect a sub into the mix. I can't figure it out for the life of me.

I also want to point out that I have never been so thrilled with a piece of gear in my life as I am the 600i. I said bye bye to McIntosh the moment my ears first heard some of the Simaudio moon gear.

Also having trouble deciding which DAC to get. Trying to make a decision between the Moon 300D and the Bryston BDA-2.
Never tried it, but assume you connect to the fixed output of 600i to high input of subs. Let me know how it sounds. Thought about doing it myself. I have the 300d v.1 DAC. You can get the version for cheaper since it only upsamples to 94. Look at my virtual system for details. Honestly, the 300 and 100 simaudio sounds the same. 300 have xlr output, which is only difference. I listen to mostly vinyl, so I did not splurge on the DAC. How does it sound, ok, I guess.