To trade or not to trade?

Like many of us here I have an audio bug. By this I mean I enjoy changing equipment from time to time. Today I saw an add for a pair of Dunlavy Athena's. I presently have a pair of Vandersteen 3A signatures. I haven't any experience with the Athena's and I would like to invite any comments from anyone who has heard both speakers and their opinions please. Thanks.
I haven't heard either but have read reviews of both (for whatever that's worth) - you're talking about two very different speakers. I've always wanted to try a pair of Dunlavy's and, if I did, I'd try the Athena's first - way cool looks and a size that would actually fit in a house I might own. If there's any way to buy the Athena's, give them a good audition and THEN sell one of the two pairs, that'd be the way to go. This would mandate getting a good price on the Athena's - I think the $4K those are listed for are a bit high. -Kirk
As a previous owner of 4A's and a current owner of Aletha and a friend of a guy who owns the Vandersteen model 5's i say go with the Athena's thier very good. I agree with Kthomas $4k is to much. I paid 3k for mine and they were 4 months old. Also they no longer make them. Hope this helps.
Regard's Chuck,
I was a huge vandersteen fan until i found the athenas. heard em once and knew they were the speakers to have. The vandy 3 sigs couldn't hold a candle to em. Paind 4300 for mine and don't regret it for a second. They were over $6k new with a nice finish. since Dunlavy went under people are giving their speakers away. I wouldn't sell my pair for anything at this point.