To Stream or Not to Stream

Need advice Audiogoners... I'm considering jumping into the streaming "waters". The features of the Aurender ACS 10 are most appealing to me, specifically the CD ripper feature (have a collection in excess 7k CD's). Would coupling the Aurender with the Schitt YGGDRASIL be a good pairing? Recommendations and suggestions would be greatly appreciated... Thanks
I don’t feel nostalgic about being freed from listening to what I purchased and physicaly posses. A little time with the freedom from needing to physically possessed music and I started exploring more kinds of music and revisiting music much less frequency. Being physically invested in music causes an unnatural condition of listening to the same stuff over and over… because you own it. 
Certainly I understand the symbolism physical representations of music mean to some, for those people the monopolization of music as commodity will mean something lost. And I also understand growing commoditization of everything undermines our very humanity.

This is likely inevitable evolution of capitalism, commodifying every possible thing means more possible avenues of profit. And limiting and/or minimizing ownership ensures an endless profit avenue. Unfortunately, the outliers don't generally steer evolution of societies. In the realm of technological innovation, Luddites don't win.

Yes, I can perceive a future where rental music monopolizes, I think we're already to point where majority of music only released via streaming platform. We'll likely not even need individually owned music playback equipment in future. Every single thing we consume will be endless revenue stream for others. The ownership of that revenue stream will also continue to consolidate.
Just do it. So much already said. Access, excellent sound, ease of use, and did I say access? Access to so much content. I listen to all kinds of stuff that I never did before. And I only play CDs in the car. I've given away and/or sold many already. I've no desire to rip CDs. I may rip the few that are really important to me that aren't on Tidal or Qobuz, but really, just no desire to rip, just desire to listen. Amazing all the CDs I have and they really don't mean much to me anymore, even the out of print or one-of-a-kind stuff. The streaming is great, jump right on in.
Two benefits for me is the ability to learn about new music, and second, one doesn't have to listen to the whole CD or album, just the songs you like. 
streaming only gives you all the recorded music in the world at your fingertips... no big deal really 🤔