To ship or not to ship during the Holidays???

I'm closing a deal for some amps and speakers for my HT, when the thought came to me of the long lines and overly crowded UPS/USPS drop offs. The huge piles of packages awaiting shipment.....

I'm wondering if I should just wait another two weeks to have them shipped, when the load on carriers is lower, or will it matter? I guess I'm worried about rougher handling, more likely drops/damages etc..

I've certainly had my share of packages damaged in shipping, many during the holidays, but I usually ship more then too, so....

To ship or Not to ship....... THIS is the question!
go with Fed-X ground - NEVER ship UPS. Haven't you read all the horror stories? If you ship UPS you deserve damaged merchandise because you're just begging for it!
This isn't a question of WHO to ship with, those where only examples. I think the rush of packages happens to everyone!

(Even Fed Ex!)
I just had a package sent from Boston xpress mail on Friday. It arrived here in Guam yesterday.
I,ve found USPS xpress mail has gotten better in the last month. If your shipping within the US do it now.
I don't think the the holidays will matter, UPS and Fedx delivery guarantees apply even during the holidays. In reference to rougher handling, I would agree, higher volume may in turn equal more careless handling, I would just overpack the item.

I think, the Fedx vs UPS thing is way overblown, neither of them are that great with packages. I see shipping as a risk either way. I don't think Fedex employees care anymore than UPS employees about your gear. When I received an amp last week, via Fedex Overnight, I saw and could HEAR the box drop from the truck to the ground from my 1st story condo.
And yes, the amp came damaged.
Well, I decided not to wait, amps/speakers are coming fed Ex..... Hope they have a safe trip!!!