To Roon or not

For the past few years I have been using a LuminT2 w/ Qobuz and it's copacetic. 

Happy with the sound. Ok with the software. Not happy with having to pull up a browser to search for information about the artists or have similar music/artists be at the ready to explore. 

Back when Roon didn’t work with Qobuz. Now it does.

In my testing I think the native Lumin software sounds better (fuller, richer) that when using Roon. 

A few questions please. I’m looking for secret sauce settings.

Are there MQA setting(s) that I might be better off using? Currently set to “render only.”

Use the Roon DSP?

Sample Rate Conversion Settings?

I’m using an iPad that sees the Roon core on a computer else where in the house. If I can't tell any sound difference then an old computer can serve as the core. The iPad also runs my Amp/Lumin with split view and that's great. For some reason Roon will not work with split view?

Never Roon: it rapes the music (my opinion). Have Nas Synology, Auralic:connected to the Metronome Technologie C6, and preamp: Daniël Hertz M6,Wavac 805m and the Ilumnia Magister. So :it sound very natural, open ,3D and detailfull. Why still Roon?
I really like the interface of Tidal.  The library works well with my BlueSound Node 2i.  I also think I hear a better sound stage when playing MQA.  Not sure I understand MQA.  I think the resolution may go up, but not sure.  When I added a ProJect S2 DAC, it sounded thin.  As soon as I removed the ProJect DAC the bass sounded fuller and the sound stage improved.  I wonder whether you can hear a difference by using other higher end streamers?  If so, what do you hear that is significantly better than my Node 2i.


Kills the sound, aka rapes?

You have especially nice equipment; I wonder if a setting is off? I have heard Roon on a few systems and in my crib I think the sound is just slightly better with the Lumin software. Do I have Lumin bias?????

My Lumin software plays the music louder and I have used the software volume control (that I normally never use) set down 7% for my testing between the same track between Lumin and Roon. Alas there is a lag when going from to another.

MQA! Master Quality Authenticated, now that sounds official! Get yours today! Yes larry5729 I also wonder if it’s just how my gear responds/sounds? This Lumin T2 has been a game changer for me. At some point on the old mobius strip component ladder it’s more about the room (Not Roon) than the gizmos

Another 2 thumbs up for Roon here.  I love it and can't imagine life without it.  
I have Melco N100 with their S100 switch and Chord TT2/M-Scaler. BubbleUPNP in my system with Tidal sounds much better than Roon... Roon nucleus is on speedy Windows PC,no DSP and volume control, network is 100Mbit.