To ROON or not to ROON ?

I have read a lot about upgrades from a blue sound vault of which I have. I have considered the rose, aurender, among others. The first question I have is Roon worth having ? I am a qobuz subscriber and wonder if Roon will make a substantial difference. As far as I know Aurender does not support Roon. Anyone with Room experience ?

THX for the feedback


I have had Roon for over 3 years now and after the release of 2.0 believe even more that it is fundamentally indispensable to me and my music. Couldn’t imagine life without it.  Roon is light years ahead of all other platforms. 

I have had Roon for about a year and a half...I resisted due to not wanting another subscription...but it is by far the best system I have tried. I dont care about extra services, I just use it for my own (10,000 track) library. It really makes it much easier. I run it on my windows 10 pc.  I just upgraded to Roon 2.0 and the extra access makes it even more worthwhile.

Put me in camp of "best thing since sliced bread" , for streaming interface anyway, now even better with ARC capability (you can access Roon anywhere as long as your core is on).  Only plays with Tidal and Quobuz though so if you want Amazon or Apple music interfaces you can't use it.  I converted from J River and have never looked back

I just ended my trial of roon after three days.  I found it to be full of frustration. Like no easy way to tell what icons are for and how to use them. There is no guide to find out how to do things. For example they sent an email talking about how you can save your "focus" searches by "bookmarking" them.  They then don't tell you have to retrieve those book marked searches.  Like one sentence more would fully explain how to.  I spent half my time searching the web for answers on how to do things. WTF!!  The radio function just played albums I already knew about so it was a waste. Went back to Qobuz/Lumin which is simple and straight forward!


I purchased a lifetime subscription over 7 years ago and have not regretted it for a minute.  I have an 8TB collection on my NAS and Roon integrates it perfectly with my Qobuz selections.  My Wolf server has been issue free through all the updates and improvements.