To Roon or not to Roon

I'm about 9 days into my 14 day free trial of Roon (with Tidal) on my iMac. It`s really cool
I`m thinking about buying a network streamer, either Bluesound Node 2 or an Aries Mini.
Both of which come with their own App, which I've heard is pretty good. My question is
whether Roon is going to "do anything special" for me. Any thoughts?

Thank you, 
Do you need to distribute to different Zones and systems around your LAN. If yes then there will be a benefit. Sound quality will not benefit if you have good gear currently.
No, no separate zones. Just my living/listening room. The Tidal app
is ok, obviously the Roon app is better. Adding a Streamer brings
more apps. I`m getting app'ed out. Decisions...

iMac(Tidal/Roon)/Local hard drive files as a source. Also Oppo BDP-93 
as another source feeding an Essence HDACC external DAC--->
Parasound Halo P5 Preamp-->Krell KAV2250 Amp-->Def Tech
BP7002 Dipole Supertowers

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I have an Aries Mini and like the Auralic Lightning DS app very much. I've been curious about Roon but the combination of cost, Lightning is free, and need for extra computing power has kept me from trying it.
There is another post here. The OP wanted to use Roon with Bluesound because the BS app messed up the album info.
Roon is a outstanding database and library for your local files and or tidal if you use that.Also Roon intergrates with HQ player which is the best music player I’ve heard yet.
The Roon folks implie that they will make some substantial upgrades this year,time will tell.