To report cheaters ? which website can be used ?

I have been cheated during an audio deal to report these cheater's deal ? which websites can be used ? (besides ofcourse)
rademaker: was this an internet sale? if so, which site was involved? if it was not an internet sale, was it interstate or local (intrastate)? -cfb
You might consider emailing membername = Ehfm. Mr. Hoffman is a federal prosecutor for the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice & has an interest in online fraud.
However, he has already told me that the FTC does look into Internet scams more frequently than the Antritrust division does, but don't expect fast resolutions or personalized responses.
You can send them your information and hope that with the information they get from others in a like situation that they will take action.

FTC Consumer Response Center 202/326-3128
877/382-4357 complaint line

Postal address:
Federal Trade Commission
Attention: CRC
Washington, D.C. 20580

Additionally if the transaction was through this site then you could go to the HELP section & refer to the Dispute Resolution Process.
Can you explain the details? Was it a store? Here? EBay?

Who hustled you?
Thanks for the info guys, I will soon contact you as well & tell you the whole story (still this week)
Antonius thanks for your email. I hope you have filed a dispute with Audiogon since this ripoff occurred via an Audiogon wanted ad. That is one safe way to expose this cheat without fear of legalities coming back at you. Hard to believe that someone steals $10000 from you & then has the audacity to threaten suit for publicly exposing this thief. His name has been on these forums before & I have my own record of his being a thief per the previous warnings of others here. Unfortunately Audiogon pulled the thread & now you've become yet another victim. All I can advise here is for anyone who's interested to know who the perpetrator is, to contact you (Rademaker) via email for specifics of this Ontario ripoff artist. I'll be happy to pass on the info myself too, & no there's nothing he can do to you, even if he bribes a judge & does get a judgement against anyone, how is he going to collect? There no way he can force you to pay & the court will do nothing about it - they never do - which is why it's pointless to sue anyone in this country for a judgement action; they never enforce.