To repair or buy cheap?

I have a 30 year old tube receiver made by Quadraflex that I have been using for the bedroom and bathroom. (I've read the vintage section of AudioAsylum, but there isn't much info on Quadraflex. It may have been a house band made by Sanyo.) The speakers in each are just Cambridge Soundworks, and I don't have any plans to upgrade anytime soon. I listen mostly during and after my shower. :)

Unfortunatly, the amp, that has carried on all these years, is dying fast. It pops and crackles and generally makes nasty sounds. I spoke to someone who thinks he may be able to fix it for about $100. But there is no guarantee that it will work or for how long it will work after the repair.

My other option is to buy something inexpensive and solid state. I was looking at a Yamaha RX-495 or 496 for about $215.

What should I do? If I should buy, what should I buy?

Quadraflex was a house brand of "Pacific Stereo" I believe.
I do not know whom made the equipment. I personally would look something along the lines of a 70's SS receiver. I really like the Kenwood KR series of receivers. Pioneers were also very nice. Your old Quadralex might need to have the tubes replaced. The sound of the newer Yamaha receivers might not be to your liking because they will not sound anything what you've been listening to for so long.
I read it was the house brand of Pacific Stereo in the 80s. I don't know about the early 70s. The guy who offered to repair it was the one who came up with Sanyo.

I see your point, but my main system is solid state (though significantly higher quality). I have the Outlaw 950 pre/pro and their monoblocks. Of course, with my Von Scweikert speakers, it probably makes more of a difference.
$100 is a lot of money in Vintage kingdom- There are many nice great sounding vintage receivers to buy for $100.

My vote goes to any of those:

Marantz 2230
Marantz 2238b
Pioneer 828
Harman Kardon 330

New cheap stuff is for folks who listen to MP3s, compressed FM Top 30, and hot mixed CDs. The most likely not your ticket.
The above are correct as Pacific Stereo sold the Quadraflex as there house brand, I owned there SS reciver. They were a big time store in the SF bay area with about 15 stores. If your just looking to have some tunes in another room pick up a cheap reciever as you can get one for around $100.
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I ended up with a Sony Receiver from the 70's one time which made various poping and cracking noises whenever I turned it on. My solution was to never shut it off and I enjoyed it for a long time. I later sold it to a nonaudiophile friend and told them to leave it on. I hope this trick helps you.
This could be a failing tube issue. Tubes tend to act like that when they are on there way out.
Try to repost this thread under " Vintage Tube Receiver pops and crackles " and see what happens. You should get some feedback from the tube guru's.
Hope this helps.
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Actually, that's exactly what is happening. However, the receiver is in an armoire. I can't leave it on without risking fire. (It's a very BAD idea to keep a receiver on in an enclosed space...just ask my friends who burned their apartment on.) I need one I can turn on and off.