To repair a Subwoofer

Hello all,

This is my first post. Im definitely a noobie to the audiophile community but I plan on setting my home up with a surround sound audio system in the next month or two. Im looking forward to getting advice and purchasing my equipment and maybe posting some pics.

Anyhow, I was thinking that I have this Earthquake mkv-10 sealed front firing subwoofer in storage that I could use with the setup to initially save some money on a sub. However I think it leaks air out of the back panel when played at loud volumes. The back panel looks like it has come loose at one end and I remember the screw nearest it not doing anything when screwed tighter. Under normal listening conditions i dont notice it.

I was wondering if it would be a bad idea to try to seal it myself with some type of glue (silicon, epoxy...whatever you guys recommend). I have not seriously thought about this before nor have I tried to take off the back panel. Let me know what you guys think.Thanks.
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Take off the panel if will come off easily. A bead of silicone all around and screw it back on. For the stripped screw, use a plug, use a slightly fatter screw or put some cardboard in the hole to make it smaller/tighter.
Right on...I will seal it with a bead of silicon then. thanks
I wouldn't use silicone but an acrylic caulking would be fine.
It should be OK to use caulk. Regarding the stripped screws, just remove the screws, use a toothpick to measure the depth of the hole. Break off a few toothpicks just short of the depth of the hole and stick two or three pieces of toothpicks into the hole. Now when you screw the screw into the hole, the toothpicks will provide a bit of traction and take up some of the room in the whole.

This trick works great!. I've used it many times in many different applications.


Toothpicks work fine. Even old paper or wooden matches can do the job.
If you are worried about the fumes from Silicon....don't use it! To seal it 'dry', you might be able to make a gasket out of an old bicycle inner tube or even go to one of the home stores for sticky backed foam....1/2" wide should do.
ah nice tricks for the stripped screws. I am going to pick the sub up this weekend and see what I can do. I will try to stick some tooth picks in the stripped screw hole as mentioned. I did a quick read on silicon and acrylic caulk...and I guess ill go for the popular siliconized acrylic caulk.