To remove the belt or not remove the belt that is the question

I had a VPI Scout turntable. I always remove the belt when I'm not using it. Is this what you're supposed to do or there any reason why I shouldn't do this?
I try to take good care of my stuff but never felt the need to go that far. I don't think VPI is going away anytime soon, when you need a replacement belt they'll be there. Belts left on the turntable 24/7 last years in my experience. I suppose a case could be made regarding concern for the miniscule amount of pressure the belt applies in side force to the bearings, but those are pretty robust.
Too much handling is probably not good for the belt. Best to leave it on unless you know you won't be using the turntable for a long (long) time.
Jameswei's got a good point. I imagine you're doing more harm than good by frequently stretching the belt to remove it from the pulley.
Depends on how often you use it?
Say you ony use the TT once a month? Take it off.
If you use it every few days.. Leave it on.

If you do take it off. Best not to touch it with bare hands. Skin oils may damage it more than the slight stretching if left on TT.
I bought my first belt drive turntable 37 years ago. I have never removed the belt when not in use (except if I was moving). I replace a belt every several years and gave never been the worse for it.