To pricey

Hello was looking at a pair of B&W 804d or 803d but so expensive are they worth it.  ????


@wyoboy yeah, you are proving my point: you provided zero facts, just baseless assumptions and accusations

@grislybutter "Facts" about what ?  Whether B&W's are worth the expense?  There are no facts--only opinion on that one, but if 2/3 of the responders said "yes" then the new "science" would say it's a fact that they are.  I don't have time or inclination to provide examples of all the assumptions that have been called "science"--but you know know deep down it's true.  Science is not science without hypothesis or theory, a methodology and data supporting or disproving the H/T.  These days the hypothesis or theory is declared "science" long before there's enough data to support or disprove it--not always the case but when journalists get hold of something it becomes "science"--just look around at how the pandemic unfolded and all the fake science declared around masks, hand washing, surface cleaning and how a drug that reduced symptoms was declared a vaccine--which it ain't.  But enough of this--we don't need to debate--nothing can really help the OP here--there are no facts to support or disprove whether B&W speakers are worth the price because that is purely a value judgement...

@wyoboy Yes I see this is your ranting. No I have absolutely 0 idea what you are trying to say. You are so vague, there is nothing to argue with. Use names, facts quotes, what you are rambling about is utter nonsense. About covid: there are stats that prove clearly what worked and what didn't, how many lives were saved or not by the vaccine and policies. I rely on facts, not feelings. 


Back to B&W - of course it's up to the OP to decide, if it's worth the price. All we can say is what our experience has beeen

IMO many OP's will start a silly thread then abandon it. It's a bit like crazy ridiculous conspiracy theories get the one the rich twitter fart just started. These things are started to elicit a response, then abandoned. I guess each person or organization has it's motives???