To Preamp or not to Preamp, that is my q

To Preamp or not to Preamp, that is my question. I have a Denon DCD-1650AR which is connected directly to a Parasound HCA-2200II via Maple Audio Ambiance interconnects. Yeah, I know, low-end gear compared to most of you guys, but it sounds pretty good to me...

My intent was (and is) to keep it as simple as possible and assumed that the more direct the path and the fewer components, the more "honest" the sound reproduction would be. As I say, it does sound very good to me. But could it sound better with the addition of a quality preamp? One other related question: Adding a Preamp obviously require another set of interconnects. Do the ones between the preamp and amp need to be of the same quality as used between the player and the preamp?

In your responses, keep in mind my minimalist philosophy. I would consider adding a decent quality preamp, but I am not interested in upgrading the player, separating it to transport/DAC etc. Simple is better for me. I have no other sources, so do not need any switching capability.

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I don't think there is a yes/no answer until you a/b stuff in your own system. I have gone back and fourth with my Sony XA7ES's variable output. Currently I favor the use of a vk-5i tube preamp with my vt100m2 tube amplifier. I lose a little resolution, but there is just a smoothness/soundstage to the presentation that I prefer. That is using all balanced quattro-fil i/c's which are much higher resolution than other i/c's I have used.

Sometimes a system will increase in resolution when using a preamp. When I went from cd->pass labs amps to cd->pass labs pre->pass labs amps, I heard an obvious increase in resolution and quietness. With my older, entry level hi-end stuff, I preferred direct output. Once I started buying $4000+ preamps (for MUCH less on audiogon of course), I found I preferred using a preamp.
I agree with John_1. I prefer to run the signal from a CD source through a good TUBE pre-amp-- music becomes well, more musical, less harsh, less electronic, richer, more holographic etc, etc, etc. Cheers. Craig
Whoops, I didn't notice the way I worded it. I didn't mean for it to come out like that, but now I see what I said. I was careless with "gain." I just meant he probably wouldn't gain any improvements in sound, going with a passive unit since it does nothing more than provide another volume knob (he already has one) and double the run of cable.
In your situation, a pssive would only make the sound worse as there is a volume control there already on the CDP.

If you're into ultimate transparency in the sound, no preamp is the best way. Using a preamp would help make your music sound fuller and a lot more "EFFORTLESS". Yes, you might slightly lose some drgree of transaprency. Music is not always about transaprency as you don't hear is in live music. It's about everything else too....dynamics, immediacy, soundstaging, liquidity, etc. A good preamp might just help you get that.

Many of today's preamp do not add gain. They attenuate the CDP's output until the maximum level before gain is applied. They only act as a buffer to drive your cables. Likes the newer Audio Research's and the Levinsons, you'll get less sonic colorations. For sure there will be colorations but not too much.