To plug in or not to plug in?

I just put a power conditioner in my system. I was planning on using it for my Transport, Dac and Pre-Amp. I didn't think it could handle my 300-watt stereo amp. However, after inspecting the inputs on the back of the unit I noticed it has a total rating of 1800 watts, and there is a receptacle dedicated for the amp, rated at 1100 watts. I can't imagine my amp ever drawing that much. So what do you think? Plug it in or leave it out.

On a personal note I am impressed with the unit thus far. It seemed to remove a certain harsh (bright) edge from the music at high volume. The instruments now appear more defined in the sound stage. The wife describes the sound as rich.
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Try it and see. You've got nothing to loose as you can always plug the amp back into the wall. However, if it does work fine plugged into your PLC, you have gained at least some small form of protection and peace of mind. Sean
I agree with Sean. I had a Power Conditioner rated for 1875 watts at any of its 16 outlets, and it worked quite well when I had less resolving components. But it always caused a "thin character" in music along with a reduction in dynamics when I plugged my McCormack DNA-2DX (300 wpc, 8 Ohm)into it.

As the quality of my components improved, and I installed a dedicated AC system, the Power Conditioner became a distinct liability, and I finally sold it and plugged everything directly into dedicated outlets. I asked Steve McCormack about power conditioners, and he just flatly said "plug your amp directly into the wall". Good Luck, and Cheers. Craig
try it Glen you'll like it
I tried plugging the amp in to the power conditioner. I did not like the results. My immediate first impression was that the glare was back. I think the verdict is in and I will plug the amp directly into the wall. I plan on adding some dedicated power eventually just haven't gotten a round toit yet. I'm anxious to see what dedicated power with dedicated neutral and isolated ground will do for my system, as I am skeptical of many tweaks until I actually try them.
What power conditionar are we talking about here? They're not exactly identical after all.
One of my Krell 300 watt amps will draw 5000 watts at full power.
You didn't specify your amp, but most people I know with large amps prefer to plug them directly into their DEDICATED outlets.

I use one that has its own line and the only thing plugged to it is the amp. I use another one for everything else. Like sean said try it both ways.