To Play, or Not to Play?

Im just curious about how many of you Audiogoner's actually open, and spin those rare, expensive audiophile LPs after dropping, Oh I dunno...$100 bucks and up once you've finally found one sealed?
to me, the whole purpose of purchasing these gems, is to enjoy what is in the grooves. I am a music lover, not a collector.
I, too, play the records. Do not have many $100.00 gems. My ideal is to find the gem at an affortable price and then enjoy the music.

I play them. They taste great, just like baby condor eggs.
I hatched an egg of mine own that plays LPs. I keep some sealed for her and beyond. I keep some waiting for the appreciative guest. It happens about every three years that I uncork one. I am a 5% collector. I bought a signed Starker and one to play. I have about thrity gems and as many new ones salted away. And what I play gets so little wear from good cleaning that I do not worry. But I will get a sealed one every little now and then. What I really want to play is a mint 78.
I play 'em all.
Shrink wrap is just to discard.
I hope I wear 'em all out... totally! before I croak!
I DO like nice perfect LPs as much as the next vinyl junkie, but I mostly want them to play NOW. I do try to preserve them as much as (easily) possible, but I do not care if my LPs wear out. (But thanks to all sorts of folks who taped their LPs and never played them again so they would not "wear out", and the folks who collected so many they never played most of them.. I have lots and lots of nice used LPs to choose from.
And actually, when I croak, some other vinyl junkie will get my stash. (at least what is left of it... ha hah!)
Smoke 'em if you got 'em, I always say.
I would smoke them all, but I made the mistake of raising another generation. And I want the thrill of opening a sealed one to be enjoyed. Besides its only 5%, and most I have another on hand. I guess I am hearing that we are the last.
Oh, I have a few duplicates that are sealed, and I'm hanging on to those for similar reasons, Aceto. I think what some object to, or at least find difference in philosphy with, are those who keep them as "trophy" finds - as in "look what I've got" with it never being heard. To each anyone's own, though.
4yanx, I agree. Trophies do nothing. I am reminded of my favorite hotel in Florence. It is cheap, comfortable and has good air conditioning for summer. Also it is walking distance to my favorite vinyl shops. But the proprietor there has a wine collection he keeps in a display rack on the bar, for all to gawk at. And there are truly great Barolos, etc. But the dang thing sets in the sun for two hours each afternoon. When I pointed out that he has cooked his wine, he told me he would never open them, they are too valuable...