to my friends of AudiogoN,

Because of an vindictive/evil provider at the local VA, I will be forced into a living situation that is punitive.  Not your problem and I do want you all to do well.  I simply may not have the access to be as active as I have been.  My best to all of you.  A world class M.D. once said that medical people at the VA are basically postal workers.....not to be down on postal workers, but if I want a package to get somewhere quick and safe.....FedEx or UPS. 

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It is appalling how our Veterans are treated, especially in regards to healthcare.  They treat them as second class citizens and do not realize the sacrifices they made. You serve your country at very little pay and the government treats you like s**t afterwards.   As American Citizens, we should be both outraged and appalled.  
Thank you for your years of Service and I hope you have a happy ending. 
With apology for straying beyond music as a topic, I urge the veteran that started this post to contact his representative in Congress, and his local newspaper, TV and radio outlets.  It’s an election year — that ought to mean something in terms of leverage.
It is difficult to take sides, especially without the details of this situation which, I am sure, is complex. Still, I am wishing you the best possible outcome and hope you consider some of the solutions offered here.
 First thank you for your service whatjd.
it is appreciated 
we were blessed that father in law a Vietnam Vet got the absolute best of care in San Diego. I became aware of the ombudsman service but we never had to use it. A letter to both your elected in Congress and the ombudsman might help. Please reach out to me if I can be of service in drafting those letters.