to my friends of AudiogoN,

Because of an vindictive/evil provider at the local VA, I will be forced into a living situation that is punitive.  Not your problem and I do want you all to do well.  I simply may not have the access to be as active as I have been.  My best to all of you.  A world class M.D. once said that medical people at the VA are basically postal workers.....not to be down on postal workers, but if I want a package to get somewhere quick and safe.....FedEx or UPS. 

Sorry to hear that your VA is causing you problems.  Isn't there someone to whom you can appeal?  Do you have a right to get a second opinion?
That is disturbing for so many reasons... the top one being our Vets deserve the best care and service.

Can you talk to a Dav person? Or what I have been told to do is contact your local State Rep, they have been known to get involved and get things done correctly.

So far I have had only good experiences but I have heard stories... wishing you the best with this.

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It is appalling how our Veterans are treated, especially in regards to healthcare.  They treat them as second class citizens and do not realize the sacrifices they made. You serve your country at very little pay and the government treats you like s**t afterwards.   As American Citizens, we should be both outraged and appalled.  
Thank you for your years of Service and I hope you have a happy ending. 
With apology for straying beyond music as a topic, I urge the veteran that started this post to contact his representative in Congress, and his local newspaper, TV and radio outlets.  It’s an election year — that ought to mean something in terms of leverage.
It is difficult to take sides, especially without the details of this situation which, I am sure, is complex. Still, I am wishing you the best possible outcome and hope you consider some of the solutions offered here.
 First thank you for your service whatjd.
it is appreciated 
we were blessed that father in law a Vietnam Vet got the absolute best of care in San Diego. I became aware of the ombudsman service but we never had to use it. A letter to both your elected in Congress and the ombudsman might help. Please reach out to me if I can be of service in drafting those letters.
@whatjd,  I am a retired social worker and don’t know about the VA system, but as others have stated, there are people to help advocate in your behalf.  There are Social Services staff at the VA, and there should be Ombudsman staff (ours was through the local Senior Citizens agency; I don’t know if VA has their own as well), and the local TV stations sometimes have reporters that handle community complaint stories.  And then your elected representatives.

I have dealt with folks that wanted to continue living as they were doing for years, but decline in their physical health and/or mental faculties made that unsafe for them.  Sometimes they couldn’t have the arrangement they wanted, but they still have options, and those options should be explored with you.  To the extent that advocates can help you to find a safe, pleasant living situation, they should try.  I hope that things can work out for you so that the change is not so painful. Please keep us informed.
Hey, lots of heroic doctors in the VA system.  I’ve worked with them. Veterans have some of the best free healthcare you can get.  The brass at the VA on the other hand... The post office analogy becomes more apt.
Sorry to hear of your situation.  As others have stated above, contact the offices of your state’s two Senators, your Representative in DC, the ombudsman service at the VA, the President.  Send emails to people within the RNC; use this election year to your advantage.
I was a VA primary care physician.  Started at a big, new and beautiful OPC in The Villages, FL.  It was gratifying to work with our country’s veterans.  Unfortunately, two big problems quickly became evident.  I could provide top notch primary care, but far too often I’d hit a brick wall when I tried to get my patients the clinically indicated speciality medical care.  Dermatology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Psychiatry, Audiology, Optometry and others I could get as long as I proved that the medical attention was warranted, which any competent doc could do.  But Orthopedic Surgery and Pain Management, among others, were not to be had (this was before opioid abuse became epidemic).  I experienced Catch-22 each and every time I pursued these paths.  The second problem was the “deadwood” primary care docs who were doctors by title only.  It was a crapshoot for the Vets; you could end up with a compassionate physician or one who was there for the benefits.  Unlike the civilian world, there was no standard of care to be met.  And our Vets can’t (at least then) do anything about it.  Your buddy could be receiving excellent care while you, being seen in the office right next door, wouldn’t get crap (actually, you would get crapcare).  I couldn’t stomach it.  10 months later I was back practicing civilian medicine; I haven’t looked back.
Please excuse my departure from audiophilia; reading of this situation really hit a nerve.
Vinylandtubes - As I said earlier this is disturbing... Until now my experiences have been good but at the same time I have heard the stories even before I was in the system of bad experiences. Reading what you said it all makes more sense.

To much of the VA is politically motivated, and the Vets suffer. Someone new comes in and they want to make a change for their own personal reasons. Or we have what you have described.

Whatjd - I said it earlier but I suggest again that you explore your options and contact your State and other elected officials, I know Vets who have done this and got their issue resolved.

Whatjd - Thank you for your service.  Many good suggestions above, I'm hoping someone will listen.

I've had exactly one experience with the VA back in the 70's, was a freakin' nightmare. I'll never go back.  

All the best to you.

Regards, barts
I don't know.  Everybody believes that the VA level of healthcare is substandard, yet so many are clamoring for more government-controlled healthcare. Best of luck to you. 
@whatjd - Sorry to hear of your upcoming battles with the VA; remember that you are your best advocate so fight for your rights like your life depended on it.

@redwoodaudio - " Veterans have some of the best free healthcare you can get." I do not wish to be disagreeable, but I believe that your statement might be inaccurate. Each Veteran signed on a dotted line, giving away their personal wishes and wants to serve something higher than themself; they agreed to serve our Nation and to defend our rights and freedom as Americans. In the event the Veteran is injured during their service, their healthcare is the bare minimum that the Nation can offer the Veteran, but know that healthcare is not given in advance of the Veteran’s service, but as a result of it. That does not sound "free" to me. Our healthcare is already paid for with our own blood, sweat, and tears.

@vinylandtubes - Thank you for your gifts and willingness to help; your explanation of the systemic issues is the same as my personal experience during the past 20 years.

Peace. Mark L.
Guys, I'm lost here.
Will someone let me in on what the OP is referring to?
It is unclear. Maybe the OP can fill in some details. We do know of course that proper care for our Honored Vets is sometimes sorely lacking.
I'm confused as to how one can give advice on what to do about his situation when his situation is unknown. 
It's cryptic and totally lacking in detail.
As a "Vet" myself, "USN", I:give vote to, "Second", the above statement by, "Mr. Carpathian".
 The imagination tends to run rampant with evil thoughts when we believe that an, "Injured or otherwise disabled, Vet", is actively being wronged in any way. 
But we should at the least, "Try", to not place our cart "before ", the "Pack-Beasty". 
Regardless of the type of, "Beasty", being utilized.
Whatever all of that means...
I believe whatjd was simply saying that he will not be as active on here as he once was due to his unfortunate circumstances and did not wish to go into detail.

He has options there are resources out there, maybe something said here will be of help to him.

The conutry continues to go to war and continues to reduce Veterans benefits. It is very saddening.
I think that was it.  One & done.  The OP has left the building.

Hope I'm wrong.

From a fellow Veteran, Thank You for your Service!
As above, consult your local D.A.V.Chapter.Then, contacting your local congressmen and senators. This is an election year-do not delay.
No one has any insight as to what the OP is alluding to?
Is the VA somehow incarcerating him?