To much wattage for B & W 805s ??

After hearing the new 805S I'm thinking of purchasing. My problem is that I just bought a Madrigal Proceed HPA-2 (250wpc that doubles to 500wpc).. 0.1% THD) The B&W brochure advises using no more than a 120wpc amp. I rarely, if ever go near 11 o'clock on my volume setting. I have not yet sold my BPA-2 (125wpc) but would of course prefer to use the bigger amp. With all the dynamics in classical music would I have to worry about damaging the speakers. Would it be recommended I use the smaller amp and stay within B&W's guidelines. I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you! (and I apologize if this has been discussed, but I couldn't find it in another thread.)
There's no insolvable danger to using the higher power amps, but you will need to exercise caution. Music played at reasonable volumes will not present a problem. But an unanticipated spike or "thump" will now have enough power behind it possibly to blow a driver or melt a voice coil not built to absorb the amount of energy the amps are capable of delivering. So excercise caution in turning equipment on and off (e.g., turn down the volume control, turn amps off first, etc.), and enjoy the greater dynamic headroom and authority the higher powered amp can offer.
I pushed my 805 Sig,s with the Mac. 352 amp. 350 per channel and they loved it. It appears that we may listen at about the same level. Never a issue and the sound was effortless.
I agree with Rushton in the greater dynamics and the authority the larger amp will give you. Plus it will be a cleaner sound.
I would enjoy what the larger amp will offer you.
Rushton gives some good advice. You can't ever give B&W's too much power. I thouhgt my signatures sounded best when played with a 600 watt krell amp.

I'm running my Sig 805's with McCormack DNA 500. Its
wonderful. When people say that B&W's love power they
ain't kidding. The more power the better at least
when it comes to B&W's. I think your going to really
enjoy your new amp.

I use a Bryston 6BSST driving Matrix 805s.

My problem? =)

The more power you give your B&W, the more they will sing!
My 805s sound nice with 33 watts Class A by Sugden.
I also listened to some powerfull amps from Krell and Mcintosh. Don't think I'm missing anything.

Hard as it is for me to imagine I believe it. I think B&Ws are more particular about the sort of power they are getting. A lot of power is also relative to its delivery, and I have read that Sugden amps are capable of driving some fairly inefficient speakers. If the Sugden does have any shortcommings how are they evidenced with respect to the B&Ws? Is it okay to ask this? I think it is related to the topic.

I agree with Rushton. The most important thing to remember is that it needs to be clean power. Distortion is more damaging than any of the dynamics in the music will be. I will reiderate that caution with your volume knob should still should be used.

I have found like other B&W owners the more power the better.

Good luck.

I don't think I can ask anything more from my 33 watt, Sugden Masterclass integrated. Very pleased.
Can't turn the volume knob past 7:00 position without disturbing the neighbors. If you were sitting here and I told you it was 200 watts, you would believe it.
If you ever get to Bangkok, look me up so we can have a serious listen.

Ok I will be a little more specific. The B&W Floor standers are power hungry. The Monitors usually do fine with tubes.

You are much better off with "too much" clean power than being underpowered, or having an amplifier go into clipping due to a poorly made power supply or output side. Once the signal goes into hard clipping (running out of steam) that's when you are more likely to blow tweeters and cause damage.

I had the quad 11L monitors, similar in size and power needs, and I had them powered by the Quad 909 amp, I've had them hooked up to a 300 Watt Classe', and opened them up to !LOUD! problems at all.

Get a high quality, well made, powerful amp and have FUN!

hope this helps
Thank you all for confirming this.. My equipment is not as high end as what some of you have. A number of you mentioned 'good clean power'. Does my 'poor mans' Levinson (the Proceed HPA-2) at 0.1% THD fall in that category. Again I do not listen at loud volmues. Thanks again for your help and confirming what I had hoped to be true. BTW, as I said in another post- I had not been a big fan of the 805N but have pretty much decided to become a B&W owner after hearing the new 805S.