To much power into one recepticle?

Can having to many components into one outlet degrade sound?

I have everything I own pluged into a monster 5000 line conditioner it reads 115 amps on the display with everything running.
I have:
Lexicon MC-1
Toshiba dvd
Cinepro 3k6 amp 350 x6 watts
Rotel 991 amp 200x 2 watts
I think you mean 115 VOLTS on the display..? The 5000 has a continuous rating of 1,850 watts so total up the maximum wattage rating from the data plates on the equipment you have connected and double check what your requirement is. Regards, Richard.
Not only that, but you have to be mindful of what other devices are plugged into outlets on the same circuit. Max connected load should not exceed 1920VA for a 20-A ckt and 1440VA for a 15-amp. Make sure your equipment is not on the same circuit as your kitchen, regardless of the connected load.
I can't place my hand on it, but I remember reading that assuming you do not overload the circuit, it is better to have everything plugged into the conditioner. There are many very fine high-end reference conditioners with enough plugs for a whole HT system including separates, so the designers built them to hold the whole system.

E-Mail or telephone Mike Vansevers at and see what he has to say. Mike is an engineer and builds some very fine conditioners for whole systems. The regular customer service address will go to him, or try