To much bass, really

I have the Lehmann Black Cube SE II Phono Amp.
The problem is I'm getting way to much bass. I've played with the switches under the unit and to know avail.
Do I need to go inside the unit to adjust the bass?
My set ,Rega P5 , Dynavector 20x2 Low Moving Cartridge. 
Hopefully someone can help.
Im not familiar with for owning one but did become curious enough to search up. 

" In addition Lehmann includes sixteen bass roll-off curves between 7Hz and 90Hz. If your speakers don’t have extended low frequency response this is a very useful feature that can save amplifier power for audible frequencies instead of wasting it on pointless woofer pumping. You are not likely to hear low frequency response differences if your speakers don’t go much below 60Hz but your amplifier will thank you.
I read this article. It doesn't really tell me how to adjust the bass. Unless I'm missing something. 
The manual is confusing. 
I'm not sure why you think it's your phono.

What exactly is your set up and what's your perception?


I never had this kinda bass with my PS Audio GCPH. 
The bass I'm getting now is over the top
Im just trying to figure out how to adjust the bass filter on this phono.
The speaker are GoldenEar Aon 3.
The woofer just pumping away like never before, very fat sounding 

If you don't mind, trip, we're curious to know how you got it straightened out.   Thanks.
By adjusting dip switches 3,4 before the output stage and switches 5,6 after the output stage. Trail and error with on and off settings till the base was less boomy.
My error was that I was not adjusting dip switches after the output stage correctly.
Many configurations to work with to adjust bass.