To improve bass, MF A3.24 to which?

I'm currently using Musical Fidelity A3.24 DAC connected to a very cheap DVD player. I like MF's clean and detailed sound but it lacks bass. The DVDP sounds even better at least for bass.
Would you recommend any DVDP, CDP, or DAC in the same price range of MF A3.24 to improve bass?

Bass is going to be affected more by fixing your room than by replacing what you have with costlier gear. Try They have been very helpful to me.
I just compared the Cary 308, the Musical Fidelity and the Arcam 92 this weekend. The Musicial Fidelity was definitely a clean and detailed sound, but the Cary blew it away when it came to bass, depth, and soundstage. It might not be your cup of tea, but you should audition the 308 if you can.