To Graham Phantom Owners - Request for Help

Hi all Graham Phantom owners,
Sorry for the trouble, but I am having an issue setting up my Graham with a new cartridge (and I can't find my manual anywhere).  Specifically, in trying to set VTA, my arm seems to stop at about 3.5 on the vernier scale (i.e. it cannot go any higher). Please note the VTA locking screw is loose, and I can adjust VTA freely from 0 to 3.5. However, it seems that there must be some way to adjust / increase the overall arm height, but I can't seem to figure it out.
Any assistance appreciated (other than telling me to call Bob - it has been relatively impossible to get him on the phone).

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Is the DIN connection up against the plinth or the arm pod for the tonearm, not allowing the arm to raise any higher?