To fix or not to fix

Jolida 100A CD player. After about 45 minutes of playing it begins to skip and pop. Jolida is saying $100-200 to fix (plus shipping).
Rest of system Cary Sli 80 amplifier and Merlin VSM speakers.
I also do have an Arcam rDAC, but my separate transport for that has been unreliable (fixed twice and will not do again).
Want to keep budget under $5-700 if replacing (would get used but reliable equipment)
With the fun I've had with Jolida, IMO fixing anything is just throwing good money after bad.
Take the top off of it and Clean the rubber ring on the spindle that the cd rests on, more often these skips are caused by slipping during playback,over time dust gets on stuff, these disk players spin the discs pretty fast. Also, clean the lazer with a little alcohol and a q tip. Note you may have to remove the cover for the cd transport as well, smaller screws no biggie. POPS could be a bad tube, is it only popping on one side? if so switch the tubes to see if the pop follows to the other channel, if it does you have a bad tube.
Why would the slipping only happen after such a long time?
The sound is from both sides.
I thought it was/is a bad board that only acts up after getting hot.
I have a modded JD 100 that I've had for many years and still
listen to it. I sent it in for repairs about 6 years ago. It
did not cost upwards of $200 to repair though. I would say it
isn't worth it for you to repair, based on the rough estimate
they gave you. I would look to replace it based on your budget
of $500-$700. You may want to try the suggestions for
repairing it yourself, but that's all I'd do.
I'd say when the old CD playing gear finally breaks, its the perfect time to start a computer based music server as a replacement. That's where its all heading. I personally would not invest anything in any high end CD player anymore these days.
Mapman, great idea.
Any thoughts about the Bluesound Vault?
There is one listed now in my price range.
Presently using Arcam rDac, wondering about sound quality?
I've seen Bluesound in stores but not very familiar with it. Seems like good stuff. It's a NAD related brand I believe.

I've been running old Squeezebox system for several years.

Are you an Amazon prime customer? If so, Fire TV box running PLEX out to DAC is a very cost effective player solution. You would run PLEX media server (free) on any computer with appropriate disk storage. Be sure to run backups on any music library.
Considering the asking price of the used Vault, it seems like another cost effective solution. I don't have all that large a disc on my PC, and the idea of an all in one to rip and then play in one box seems pretty good.
I am going to take a look (listen?) to it later this week.

I've run Seagate USB drives, 1.5 Gb or larger, for a few years now. The cost is typically well under $200. Backup software is typically already installed. I have thousands of lossless FLAC CDs on mine and still only about half full.

FOr an all in one type server solution, make sure there will be enough disk space and/or that space can be added as needed. Many such devices I see have fixed limits. Also make sure there is a practical way to do teh backups. ALl devices eventually die, so you must have a backup of all the files you took so much time to rip in the first place.

I tend to stay away from server type devices from audio companies in that you generally will pay a premium for what you get and be locked in to some degree, but some may go taht way for the extra convenience and perhaps ease of use. YMMV.
Latest thought.
As I already have a Logitech Squeezebox Duet, I think I will just get an external drive, rip my discs to it and then use that for a server going into my DAC.
Not an eloquent solution, but an inexpensive way to try out the server route.
Of course as a one stop mechanism for $500, it is hard to pass up the vault.
Any thoughts?

That approach is very similar to what I do, except I have SB Touch, not Duet, but with external dac, there is probably little difference between the two in sound quality. Wireless network connection between SB and Logitech media server software running on the server host computer is an ideal setup as long as reasonably strong wifi connections exist to provide enough real time streaming bandwidth and avoid dropouts, seldom a problem with SB system set ups if done right in my experience. The DAC used will determine most of how the source sounds, and any good quality modern dac should work quite well. Good luck.