To fix or move on?

I have a Meridian G98DH that is DOA. Four years ago the drive went and was fixed. Now the power supply is gone and it may be time to move along to a newer unit. Problem is the age old one of FUNDS. I can get the G98 fixed for 800 or go out and buy a new Oppo or something along those lines for 500. My main usage is for TV and DVD's along with being my main CD player-Hooked up to a Meridian 568.2 pre-pro. I am concerned that I will never be able to find a CD player that is at the same amazing quality. If my TV took HDMI it would make more sense to get the Oppo but until my rear projection Mitsubishi gives up the fight I see no reason to go that route.
I don't know about the G series gear, but I sold a lot of 586's and they all had transport problems. It was a real headache explaining to customers why they spent so much on Meridian DVD player.
Got an Oppo BDP95 because I needed the component outputs for my older gear. It would have been 700 to fix the power supply on the G98 and for 995 I got one of the last Oppo BDP95's available. I have had the unit for a couple of months and have noticed a slight difference when listening to redbook CD's and when streaming Pandora. The G98 had a softer more laid back sound where the BDP95 seems more in my face and a bit more etched sounding. Hard to describe - as I believe the BDP95 is very good sounding, especially on DVD-A discs. Something about the Meridian seemed like it was more true to the recording but it may be that I was just used to the sound. Has anyone else felt this way?