To Equi-Core or Not to Equi-Core? That is the question!

I'm now ready to upgrade my  power conditioner. I've been reading the posts about the Equi-Core 1800 and the recent problems of Core Power Technologies. changing ownership. It seems that they are now under more stable ownership (Underwood Wally). Besides the good reviews by pros and owners, the size meets my requirements. I don't have rack space for a full width (19") unit.  Otherwise I may spring for a Furman. But The EC seems to be quite a good bang for the buck ($$$). I know there have been some changes to the build. So the question is are they for the better? I'd be glad to hear from owners of the EC 1800 or those in the know. Thanks

@lowrider57 ,
Please don't take my word for it. I am just one of those that doesn't get too anal about mixing digital and analog.😆
I hear ya. I am one of those people based on past experience when I was first starting out. It was a learning experience.

Very much considering a purchase of the 1800. Thanks.

I bought a EC 1800 about 2 months ago from Wally. The unit is superb. It actually is much better than I expected. I took it over to a friends house and played his system through it and the improvement was very noticeable. After 5 minutes of listening he also order one. Each outlet now wired independently instead of the previous "daisy chain". I plugged my digital devices into the same outlets and the analog into the others, never mixing the two into the individual outlet. It would seem that this isolates the signals but I'm no electrical engineer. Just my thought. Randy
Earlier this year I purchased a modded older EC 1800. The mod had replaced the"daisy chain" wiring with military spec direct wiring and a Furutech NCF IEC inlet and Furutech NCF duplex outlets. There was a definite positive difference than the EC 1200 that it replaced but not really anything big. Tim Mrock at Perfect Path Technologies offered to coat much of the interior of my newly acquired EC 1800 with a new coating that he has come up with that greatly counteracts EMI/RF interference.  So I gave it a shot and sent him the unit. All I can say is within 7 days of his applying the coating to the unit and upon inserting the 1800 in my system the sound had very noticeably improved. More so than the difference between the EC 1200 and modded 1800 and at a lot less than the difference in cost of the 1800 and the 1200..... but it gets much better. It keeps improving. Now at 58 days since Tim's work, the effects to my system is nothing short of stunning. Just extremely coherent, balanced and organic sounding. I am shocked at what a red book CD can sound like! I dont think Tim Mrock of Perfect Path Technologies advertises this but I believe he can do this process with many different power conditioners. This is so easily the best bang for the buck I have ever spent in audio. It is as if I upgraded every component in my system and cable in my system by a couple of notches. I can't tell you how happy I am that I did this. I can't begin to equate what I would have had to spend on multiple upgraded components and cables to attain this level of performance! 

I have held off buying a conditioner after finding PerfectPath and another company's offerings (who's name I can't remember). Considering the improvement, I wonder if I might not see the same out of a less expensive module IE Furman PST-8. with the PP offerings