To Edgar Kramer re the Cerious update:

Edgar: I noted in your comments re the Cerious Technologies power cords that you did not say whether you broke them in or not. My understanding is that these need real break-in time, not just settling time. I'm only speculating, but this MAY be why you found it very difficult to discern sonic differences between the CTs and your reference power cords.
You're assuming the CT power cords are superior to Mr. Kramer's reference cords. That appears to be a disingenuous leap of faith don't you agree? More expensive isn't necessarily better as Srajan discovered when the Zu Varial ($495) outperformed the CT interconnect ($850). Thank you and good listening!
"Disingenuous leap of faith?" I'm definitely not assuming the CT cords are superior - and have no idea why you would assume that from what I said. Note that I used only Edgar's words, i.e. "...discern sonic DIFFERENCES" (my bolding of differences). I simply had a question regarding break-in of these cords. Clearly if they needed break-in they didn't get, they might change somewhat. Whether Edgar would then perceive sonic differences would be a different question. And, of course, which cord he would then prefer would be yet another question.
What's the address to read the origional thread?
Larry, here is the address to the original thread.
Cerious Technologies
Complete Wire Harness
with Edgar Kramer
Fair question. I don't critically audition cables prior to break-in. I normally give cables between 50-100 hours before commencing serious listening sessions.
Edgar Kramer
There you go. You gotta love it!!
I believe the Cerious Tech IC price is 750.00. That was still the listed price on the website, although still more expensive than the Zu Varial.