To Dipole or not to Dipole - Paradigm S8v2 help?

a quick run down of my equipment

Integra 9.8
Bel Canto Evo4 II (bridged)
Bel Canto Evo6 II
Paradigm S8v2
14'x22' room w/8' ceiling (seating at about 7' from the back or 15' from the front wall right in the middle, large window directly behind the couch)

that's my current lineup and i'm really happy with the S8's as my fronts and want to continue through this paradigm lineup with either the C5 or C3 and i'm pretty torn about the rears, can't decide between a pair of ADP3 or S1's. the rear speakers i will be getting will be either the adp3 or the s1's and will be mounted as high as possible on the rear wall about 6.5' from rear of the couch

this setup will be a mix of stereo and movies but i do have quite a bit of multi channel sacd's and 5.1 music/bluray stored on my htpc and would say the balance of the time will be 75% movies, 20% stereo, 5% 5.1 music although that may change with less movies and more 5.1 music when i finally get the setup all settled.

from what i've read it seems like dipole (adp3) would be better for movies as it'll give you a much fuller rear fill and the s1's would be a much better option for 5.1 music ... i'm mostly curious as to how the apd or dipole speakers will handle the rear channels of music? would instruments just sound like they're all over the place with no direction? i know for live music dipole's might feel better because of the crowd noises and whatnot but how about for classical?

i've even toyed with the idea of doing a 6.1 with the s1's doing the side rears and an adp dead rear center but because of the window i wouldn't be able to mount the adp on the wall. with the evo6 i can bridge 2 channels for the center, bridge 2 for the center rear, and keep the s1 powered off about 160w or so but i wouldn't know where to mount the adp

in terms of music i would say it's 70% classical, jazz, female vocals/crossover and then 30% of everything else

so anyone use dipole speakers for 5.1 music? how well did it work, any regrets?

The rear wall is the wrong application for dipoles. They should be placed directly to the side of your lstening position.