To Cryo tubes or not to Cryo tubes

During a nite of tube rolling with my First Sound pre, a fellow audiogoner and some good wine, we tried a pair of Telefunken 6dj8, National 6dj8, and last a pair of cryoed paAno(rockets)6h23n-eb What a big difference in soundstage with the cryo tubes much more open and dynamic in contrast to the nos tubes. realy begged for more vinyl.
Now for the downside, the cryoed tubes were much easer to listen to vinyl then to listen to cd's. The nos tubes were smoother, softer with cd's, the cryo tubes with cd's were a bit fatiging(upper frequency graineyness or distortion).
Have any of you tried cryo tubes? what are your experences and thoughts,
Associated equipment
First sound deluxe mk11 pre
levinson 336 amp
vpi superscoutmaster T.T.
zyx aries silver 3x cart
audio research ph5 phono pre
shandling cd level 1 plus(mods)
I've tried a pair of cryoed 6SN7GTB tubes in a Cary SLP-98 preamp. They were fantastic, albeit a bit expensive. I did not notice any difference when playing back vinyl or CD. I can't say I'm a big proponent of cryoed tubes. While these worked out fine, I also had similar listening pleasure with non-cryoed NOS tubes.
I'm using cryoed EH6922 purchased from ATSI in Florida. These tubes are among the very best in my Audible Illusions L1 linestage.
These tubes are barely indistinguishable from NIB/NOS Amperex PQ white label (USA). Compared to non-cryo Russian/Czech tubes, they have a tighter, less woolly bass, more neutral midrange, and a cleaner slightly more extended treble.
Was it the Cyro or the wine ??
Good queston... It was the cryo tubes( I have the same opinion without the wine)
I replaced every tube in my Audio Innovations 500 integrated and it became an entirely different amp. I was running all JJ/Tesla, but when I swapped them out with the CryoValves everything about the the thing changed for the better.

They're definitely worth the money, period.

Cryo is the best for the cost, kill most NOS sorry but thats true in most equipment, for the most part far quieter and yes brings a much bigger soundstage, but will agree that they are better than anything on vinyl source, however will be harder sounding on a lot of digital, unless you have the right CD player which do exist, and they will not be a problem using cryo tubes in the path where some other players will be a little more harsh sounding and need a warmer tube. I have had only experiance in preamps so Amps might be a different story, due to the cryo I don't see why they would not have similar effect vs. other power tubes but who knows..