To clean zerodust

My zerodust is getting quite dusty. Anyway to clean this or just go for new one
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If it's not too bad, take a few drops of water and rub around the top of the bubble. pat dry with something.

Try to avoid getting it around the edge, as the bubble part will eventually seperate from the backing.
Just take it out of the box and gently clean with water. Let it air dry than put it back in.

I have done this every couple month with no issues at all.

The official instructions:
When the cleaning element begins looking a little grungy, just wash it in warm water with a little bit of neutral detergent. Dust is easily removed, and you can use Zerodust over and over for a VERY long time.
I usually use distilled water to clean it.
Very nice cleaning gadget.
The rubber part is not attached to the paper backing. I use some tap water and one drop of liquid dish soap and pat dry. I use this after I clean the stylus with Magic Eraser.
No problem using warm water w/ small amount of dish washing detergent.

How are the new speakers sounding?

Thanks for the tips Guys. Save me $40.

Frank, you can find out first hand.

How is the new room?
Better yet, sell it on ebay and use a cheaper stylus cleaner that actually cleans.

May I humbly suggest the Magic Eraser and a stylus brush? $2 will buy you several lifetimes' worth and your stylus will stay as clean as the day it was made. The Zerodust costs 8 times more and does 8 times less, a true audiophile's product! ;)

The reason I use the Zerodust after the Magic Eraser is that the ME may leave microscopic white particles on the stylus that have rubbed off. The Zerodust gets these off the stylus and they stick to the goopy surface and can't become airborne. A strandard stylus brush may wipe the particles off the stylus BUT if they become airborne, I would hate them to settle on the vinyl LP surface to reek untold havoc in the grooves. Perhaps I'm being overly cautious, but I agree with Doug that the Zerodust used alone does an inadequate job of cleaning the stylus.
Agree w/ comments above regarding Magic Eraser. I tape a piece of the eraser to a stick and place it under the cartridge and move straight up and down to clean the stylus. It always pulls the stylus slightly when I'm pulling away. I'm always afraid that I might accidentally pull the stylus or the diamond tip off. So I only use the eraser once in a while. And always with the Zerodust to clean up the residual dust.

Glai, no progress this week. Contractor wrapping up framing. Waiting for few design decisions by us. My neighbor started their remodel after us. I think they are ahead of us now. Ha! Ha! I was experiencing music withdrawal listening to my headphones and iPod-like device.