To Chi-Fi or Not

Hi y'all, I live in New Zealand and have perfect pair of Plinius M16 (designer modded) pre & SA100mk3 amp driving ProAc Response 2.5s. Sound is wonderful. Problem is I sat in front of Dynaudio C1s through a Moon Integrated and went rapt. So I'm going to go up the addict's trail. Combined with this is a desire to prepare soon to size room downward. So I was wondering. Opinions sought: Can a Chi-Fi (Yaquin or other low cost tube integrated)rated at 85W into 8 ohms drive the C1s which are 86db sensitive, same as the ProAcs, but 4 ohm load? The Plinius has much more power and Class A on fly switching. But will a smaller amp, current unclear, drive the lower 4 ohm Dynaudio C1s? I'm a jazzer not a banger. Listening 4 differences & presence not torrents in sound.
Thank you for your input. Alejandro
I have had a Plinius M16, I don't think Chi-Fi will come anywhere close whatsoever to the M16.
As a Dyn C1 owner I originally started with a Bryston B100 (100w @ 8ohm - 180w @ 4ohm). Later I upgraded to an Octave V70SE tube integrated (70w @ 4ohm) and all I can say the Octave bettered the Bryston by a lot in every way. The Octave V40SE (40w @ 4ohm) was enough to drive the C1's too. Also I have never heard of the Chi-F1 until this post so I can't comment on it.

That being said when you listened to the C1's did you listen to the originals or the newer MKII/Signature? I ask because I have since upgraded to the Signatures and they are better sounding at lower listening levels. They seem to be easier to drive. The only thing is the originals may (relying on memory) get louder but the originals need to be louder to sound their best. So if you listen to music quite loud most of the time the originals may be preferred.

I think the C1s will prob sound great and a lot better than the Proacs with the system you already have. I've had a lot of Proacs and a lot of dynaudios and my preference is strongly Dynaudio.
I've been driving myself nuts thinking seriously about upgrading my beloved Proac 2.5 to the Dynaudio c1 signature. Using a Rowland integrated with the Proac's and have been happy.

Is there seriously that big a difference with your new c1 over your Proac?
I'm real close to pulling the trigger, and would like to know from someone who has gone this route.

Sorry folks to be so lamely late in reply to these posts. Shipping and insurance is the only impediment for me to get the Series II C1s. Xti16, sorry Chi-Fi is the generic term for Chinese HiFi, mostly tube integrated amps seen on ebay.

And Yashu the dynamic range, detail, and sound stage is much better all around on the C1. After all the design is 20 years newer. But mostly it's just an image maker that the ProAcs are not. I have yet to hear the Series II. Now having said all this M. Fremer and others have kvelled over the Joseph Audio Pulsars. Well you know I have the upgrade-itis after 13 years with the 2.5s. Not yet there myself but close to pulling the trigger! alex