to buy or not to buy (ultrasonic record cleaner)

Hi Audiogoners,

So I have been considering investing in an ultrasonic record cleaning maching. Prob like some of you I question the ROI. So. I have a friend that purchased one and luckily he allowed me to take it for a spin (no pun intended).

I wanted to compare the results to my record cleaning system which is a Spin clean ($150) and a Record doctor record Vacuum ($300). I wont say what brand of ultrasonic cleaner I tested as not to disparage, or promote that brand publicly to be fair. if you want to know which one you can send me a private msg.

so to keep it simple I will let you judge for yourself. I have posted two pics taken with a USB microscope to my virtual systems page. Test1 and test 2. One of these pics was taken after cleaning with my system and the other with the ultrasonic cleaner

Can you tell which one is the ultrasonic??

should be intersting
@barnettk   First of all, your system is lovely.  Do enjoy it in good health.
I wanted to add a suggestion that in your further search be certain to check out the Degritter.  I have been an audiophile for near 45 years, growing in understanding through all of them.  I still have more to learn and always take the time to research and understand the technology and philosophy behind the products.  Over the past several months I did just that on the category of ultra sonic cleaning and finally landed on the Degritter as my choice.  It just arrived yesterday and this weekend will be a fun test on cleaning some of my noisier (call it, vinyl noise) albums and some of my quietest and best sounding albums.  I found, during my research, that the Degritter made the most sense because they developed it from the ground up, applying ultra sonic technology to the world of vinyl record cleaning.  In other words, they didn't take existing ultra sonic tanks meant for other cleaning purposes and apply those to vinyl records.  They researched for the proper ultra sonic frequency combined with the appropriate wattage, location of the devices, rotation cycles, etc. and developed a completely bespoke machine specific to vinyl record cleaning.  I encourage you to research this brand.  The audiophileman did the most thorough review that will be very helpful to you.  It's a long read, there are Part 1 and Part 2, but well worth the time. 
Degritter Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine - The Audiophile Man
I posted the link, for your convenience.  Enjoy your journey to the next level of vinyl SQ.

Thanks. I appreciate that. 
I have heard people on this thread mentioning the degritter.  Not at all familiar. I will indeed take a closer look at that and that’s for the suggestion. 

Before buying a Degritter, I researched what the Library of Congress, Better-Records and many, many dealers use: The Keith Monks RCM. You apply their special fluid to the record which spins on a TT-like plater with a brush and then a TT-like arm with a nozzle on its end attached to a German medical grade vacuum pump cleans up every bit of dirty fluid. The pump is so powerful that it can pull the record off the plater. So, the record is completely cleaned leaving no residue what so ever. And the whole process takes a little over a minute. They offer several models ranging from $1500 to $2700.


Micheal Fremer did a review of this type machine on YouTube. It was rather impressive. Thanks for the info. 
Keith Monks is the very best of all vacuum type RCM, there is no doubt about it.  However, it is not ultra sonic and thus can not clean down to 2-5 microns (the deepest bottom of record grooves).  There are many opinions on which method to use and in some cases people choose to use more than one method, basically as a regimen.  All are worthy of researching.  Do enjoy the process.