To Bridge or Bi-amp Klipsch speakers w/ Crver Amps

I have Klipsch KLF-30's that can be bi-amped. I have the choice to bridge two TFM-6cb's for 200wpc or to bi amp at 65wpc. What should I do? I realize that the 12" woofers will draw most of the power and the horn tweeters will require little. Any feedback on experience with these speakers or amps welcome.
Why not try it both ways and find out? You have the means, so give it a shot if you've got the itch!
If you bridge the amps, you'll cut the damping factor in half. I'd go with bi-amping, it should give better bass control...
These speakers are probably so efficient, you may not hear a difference, but bridging can also raise the noise floor..
I'd try both with the music you listen to most.
I would appreciate step-by-step instructions on the SAFE way to bi-amp speakers.
Thank you
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