To Be Thick As a ....

A couple of months ago , I purchased Jethro Tull's greatest hits and the sound quality was quite good on the remix. The only problem was Thick as a Brick was only about 2 and 1/2 minutes on the Greatest Hits....hardly doing it any justice...Searched around record stores.for the full version ..had trouble finding it.....finally did, but the sound quality was not up to the quality of the greatest hits I was led to try The Japanese import.....bought it from Red Trumpet....took about a month to get and it cost around 30.00 ...But Wowza ! It rocks , I am finally Thick as a Brick ! Any imports or remixes out their of classic albums that you found that were worth the trouble anbd expense for ? Thanks.
I have "TAAB," "A Passion Play" and "Minstrel In the Gallery" re-mastered on the Japanese Mini LP editions. All three sound magnificent.
Hey, thanks for the tip on the Japanese pressings, I know the domestic versions don't compare well with black vinyl.
There is talk about an SACD version of many Tull albums. In fact, they may be available somewhere already.