To be glad or sad? Rhetoric as I am glad for the music!

I have been messing about with CD vs Streaming, Spotify Extreme Quality vs Amazon Ultra HD.

My phone on Bluetooth to APTXHD with both streaming services and lastly Bluenode 2i vs the APTXHD.

I can hardly say, wow, the difference between one to the other is so marked, here is my discourse from another post but I wish to hear your views, no offence intended or perceived. Happy to hear from you who hear the difference and not trying to prove that there isn't one
" guess a combination of things, skill, knowledge, deaf ears due to age.

I honestly find it hard to distinguish between Spotify 320 kbps, Amazon 24/192 which on paper is a world of difference one being below CD quality and the other way better than CD.

And hard to tell difference of both services between APTXHD (24/48) and WiFi Bluenode 2i that purportedly transmits the full 24/192.

What am I missing?

PS I think those are correct numbers for the services. Errors and Omissions Excepted. ­čÖé
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Bohe, if you can't hear the difference then you'll save a lot of money not purchasing an expensive streamer, dac etc .Everyone's ears are different. My brother is a pro musician and only streams at 320 max since he can't hear any difference either even though it's easily distinguishable to me. I am upsampling to DSD 512 and absolutely love it.