To anyone who has TT

I need some opinion about TT and with what speakers this perfectly
Um, what amp are you talking about?
Are you refering to the VTL TT-25, aka "Tiny Triode," 25 wpc monoblock amps?
if you are referring to the Pathos TT, check out Vienna Acoustics speakers .... Mozarts if your room is small, Beethoven if larger
TT might work very well with efficient speakers such as Living Voice Avatar series, as well as with Merlin VSM, TSM and many of the lesser known North Creek Audio monitors and floorstanders.
These questions make me scratch my head :)
Tube tuner; turntable; tonka truck??? WTF are you asking about???
The TT is just wonderful! And the best part, it(they?) works with all kinds of speakers and does just fine completely speaker-less.
Can't wait till the TTT comes out...
The Audi TT is a great car, get the coupe though it sounds better.
If you mean a T T T T Technics, they S S S Stink
Don't you just love the way these guys pose an incoherent question and then seemingly disappear from the face of the earth. It's almost like a drive by post.