To all USB audio users

Have you ever tried any PCI or ExpressCard (for laptop) USB adaptor? I did some tests like this.

onboard USB -> Audiophile USB cable like Furutech and Kimber
PCI/ExpressCard USB adaptor -> good grade of industry USB cable ($10 ones)

Surprisingly, I found USB adaptor with $10 cable sound overall better than onboard USB with audiophile cable (Though I paid $30+25 for adaptor with shipping). This leaves me curiosity how people will love their onboard ports with such devices like DAC202 or Ayre/DCS/Esoteric USB DAC.
The Weiss DAC 202 is firewire
As long as the software preserves the bits from the .wav file or lossless compressed file to the USB port it doesn't matter what kind of hardware you are using when connecting to a USB DAC. An asych based USB DAC would be the best one to use wrt jitter and clocking issues. Any USB cable that meets spec should be ok.
I've recently found a handmade cryo-treated silver USB cable made a worthwhile difference when subbed for the stock cable that came with my Mac.