To all that has a Theta Miles CD player

I’ve noticed lately that my Miles is skipping the first note or music measure on about every third song. It’s not consistent, but it’s still there. Since I’m using it as only a transport, it has to be the optics system.  Has anyone else experienced this?
Its a dino....look to get a Aurender music player to replace it...youll be glad you did.
Try turning the unit off and then power up again after a few minutes.
Also try using the pause feature a few times in a row.

Hopefully it is just "old age."
Sounds like the textbook first sign of a failing laser. I hope I’m wrong, but that Theta really is a dinosaur. Probably time to start shopping for a new (or used) transport. FYI, there’s a Theta Miles transport for sale here for $899.

Have an electronics repair shop check it out. Could be a simple fix, or a laser assembly cleaning. When was the last time you had your player tuned up?

Long shot … on older cd players the lubricant on the guide rails can dry and harden up in spots making it difficult for the laser sled to pass easily/normally over that spot  (hardened spot) on the guide rail  

It causes the sled to stall momentarily at that spot and lose lock with the data stream on the disc … thus causing the skipping … when the sled drives past the hardened lubricant  spot it moves normally and regains lock with the CD and normal playing continues  

you notice that every disc skips at the same spot … cleaning  and lubricating  the guide rails should correct the problem 

Don't jump out of the basement window just yet

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I just had my CAL Delta tuned up at Deltronics in Chicago. They cleaned the laser assembly and lubricated the sled, belts and rollers. Makes a huge improvement in SQ. 
Thanks to all who have replied.  I've had this problem for years, but only with certain DAC's-probably should have mentioned that.  I'm not sure why 2 out of 3 DAC's revealed the problem, but the other did not.  When I first discovered the problem, I thought I had a bad DAC, but when I recently auditioned the Premate Plus by DEQX and it did the same thing, I knew it must be the transport.  I ran an old lens cleaner I found in my CD rack, but it didn't help.  I realize the 6 second cleaner of little soft bristles, probably isn't the best and I even hesitated thinking the cleaner may do more harm than help.  Even though it hasn't become worse over the years, maybe it's time to install a new laser.  Pretty sure I can get one through Pioneer. Missing a single note, every now and then isn't a big deal.
I’ve realized, through some comments of Miles owners, I may have a laser reader going bad. About every other song it misses the first note. Lately I noticed, on a burned CD, it starts sounding scratchy like a worn LP might sound. I can turn my it off and back in on and it clears up-for a while. My question is, to those who may know, is this consistent with a bad laser, or is my electronics going bad. I was just about to order a new laser, but it may be time time put my Miles out to pasture. It’s been a superb transport. Hate to say goodbye. 
BTW-it’s. Not on every burned CD, but does miss the first note on every CD occasionally. This is something new. In the past, it played all CDs perfectly. 
One more thing. Since I started using my Kora Hermès II, I no longer have a problem with digital lock. Every note comes through very clearly. I think that’s all  It’s late and I’m tired. Any advice will be appreciated. 
Sorry to drag up this old thread.  Handymann, I was wondering if you ever got to the root cause of your skipping Theta?  Were you able to get a Pioneer lazer?

I am thinking of my buying this machine, I know its old (in CD player terms) but it has just incredible bass and sound stage.  I love it and am very tempted.  But don't want it to be a brick in a year or so.

Thanks in advance for any response.
Yes. I found a new optics component on line, however having never installed one before, I stripped the main gear. Found a gear at Hi Tech Repair in Nashville and was given a few pointers on how to properly install it. Works like new. It’s a really nice piece of equipment. 
This laser is getting unobtainable, get a new one quick before they disappear
It uses the PEA1343 laser, and if your name is anything to go by, you should be able to swap it out, they are not that hard for the mechanically minded

Cheers George
If you enjoy the sound of this Theta player, go ahead and replace the Laser.
Happy Listening!
2nd Note;
it may be a wise investment to purchase a back-up player for other critical parts.
Happy Listening!

I have a Theta Miles CD player that continues to perform well, and like a few folks, have tried to replace it a few times with various players and find myself right back where I started with the Theta. Realizing it's 20 yrs old, I'm wondering if its time for service of some sort, but I don't know what that would include. Does anyone have any insights into what might be involved or needed to keep this thing going? 

Thanks in advance!! 

Secure a replacement laser, even if it means buying a second unit.  This may be your best insurance policy.