To all SME V or IV tonearm owners

Has anyone had there V or IV internally rewired. The new wire SME use is the MCS150 which is no slouch. Is there something better (Nordost or others) and is there someone reliable/knowledgeable enough to perform this work in USA or Canada. You can also comment on DIN to RCA tonearm cables you are using in your application and how it "sounds" to your ears.
Mined is mounted on a new Sota Cosmos IV with Dynavector XV1's cartridge.
Thanks to all.
I have a IV.Vi. I have gone through 4 tonearm cables. Graham IC 50, a vdH, Hovland Music Groove, and settled on a Purist Venastas.

All make a considerable improvement over the vDh (sorry don't recall the model #). The Purist being tops. Please do a search under my id, I've commented in more detail in some other posts on these cables...

BTW, great vinyl setup you have !
I agree with John about the Venustas. As for internal wiring, I sent my SME V to England* to be fitted with the MCS 150, and it sounds terrific. AFAIK, SME still uses a ribbon in the SME IV, which they claim is best for MC cartridges. Originally the ribbon was made for them by Magnan, now they make their own or source it elsewhere -- you should check with them on that.

If you have a IV, I think you should leave it alone. If you have a V, ask SME if they can install the ribbon in a V, and would that be better with your MC cartridge than the MCS 150.

* IMO it's best to send the arm to the factory, where they'll give it a complete check-up, especially the bearings which only they can do.

Life is all about asking the right questions ;-)