To all Revox B-760 tuner users:

I wanna ask the original price(new) of Revox B-760 tuner and the avarage 2-handed price. I found a 2-handed with 85% new condition costs US$~1100 in Hong Kong. Does it cost resonably?
As the shop staff told me that B-760 belongs to professional broadcasting tuner which cannot be found easily.
Do u know any places or web-sites that I can consume the 2-handed tuners?
Hi there,
Just recently there was a small thread about a B-760 that was offered for about $ 400. I had answered to that threat as I also have a 760, which I just have replaced with a newer (but used) Accuphase T-109. My asking price is about the same.
As it is true that the B-760 once was “State of the Art” when it was introduced, a professional tuner of excellent quality and reception, for the home use with an affordable price. It sure is a workhorse and has worked for me very well in all those years. I have shipped it from Germany to California and all I had to do is to adjust the Voltage.
I’m sure there are not many out there but a $ 1100 price tag sounds pretty excessive. For that price I would consider buying either a new one or a used one that’s not so old.
Yeah, I agree. $1100 seems pretty high. I'd check E-Bay if I were you. There's usually a good selection of Revox gear listed there. If there's no B-760, there probably will be someday soon.
original price was $1600 USD. This was around 1980.
I think $1100 is too high. I agree with Phild, b-760's come up on ebay occasionally.
What u mentioned the "ebay" is the ""?
I've clicked into this web-site but can found Revox B-261 tuner only. How is the comparisions between B261 and B760?
What other sites that I can find new or 2-handed B760? Cos I can't buy it in Hong Kong.