to all Moon Eclipse cd player owners

Hi, my name is Arik and I own the MOON ECLIPSE cd player , I want to ask you please a very important question.
according to many articles that said to achieve the max potaintial of this cd is to bypass the HDCD chip with digital cable, well I do so and I must tell you that the sound is nearly the same except with HDCD encoded disc (when the blue light in the face of the unit turns on)than I hear a very big difference between the two modes, the main question is : only with HDCD encoded disc you hear those dramatic difference???
I'll be very appreciat your answers.
Thank, regards
Hi Arik,
I've owned an Eclipse since 2001 and I can say that yes there is a definite difference not only with HDCD disks, but also with regular CD's. It is really important to get a very good 75 ohm Digital Coax cable or else you will be able to hear only subtle differences.
What I hear is increased resolution, more bass slam and more detail in the upper mids and treble region. The rest of your system must also be high grade to appreciate the differences.
When I listen to the Eclipse in regular mode (not 24/96), the sound is flat and more two dimensional.

I hope this helps.