To all ARC Reference 6 Owners.

Just a question to ARC Ref 6 owners. What made you buy the Ref 6 over the Ref 10. 
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Sorry what I meant to say was a used Ref 10 not a brand new one for 30k. 
About to put my year old Ref 6 black on the Gon-- thoughts-=-
WJT3  I wouldn't Perhaps you could share the whole system.1 room size2 speaker distance from the front or wall behind the speaker to the center of each speaker
3 speaker distance side walls to the center of each speaker4 distance from each speaker to your listing spot.
if not you could PM me at the audio connection
 Best JohnnyR
I owned the Ref 5SE and had the chance to listen to the Ref 6 at my then local dealer when it came out. I didn't take it home and use it in my system. I did however take home the Ref 10 and l did listen to it for about a week. It's old but still in it's own unique position of being the top model in the ARC line up. It's the separate power supply. That is a huge difference between the Ref 6 and Ref 10! I ended up buying one of two demo units Ref 10 from ARC.