TNT 4 vs Cosmos III?

Which table is preferable - the VPI TNT IV or a SOTA Cosmos III? Using Graham 2.2 arm and ZYX 1000 R Airy S cartridge through CAT amplification?
Is the CAT amplification good enough, when you want a Zyx 1000 Airy? With the low output version you should have +60dB, with the high output you don't get out the best of the System, regardless which turntable - and Arm - you will use.
I agree that the phono gain and cartridge should be evaluated before picking a turntable. You should audition both tables using the same music sources. VPI in some setups appears darker sounding,however,some Cosmos tables are described as bright sounding. Only auditioning both tables in your system will tell you which one sounds right for your ears.
Thanks for your responses, guys. It's now moot, though, because I got crazy and bought a TNT HRX with the JMW arm. Going to sell the other stuff.